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Car Repairs

Auto Repair Services in Calgary

At South Pro Automotive Ltd., we have been providing auto repair services in Calgary since 1983 . What has enabled us to grow over the years is our commitment to quality service. Providing tailor-made services is one of our fundamental values. When you bring your car to us, we assess it and diagnose the issue to provide you with customized services. This approach enables us to service all types of vehicles and handle countless automotive problems. Secondly, we always prioritize long-lasting solutions over quick fixes. We use high-quality equipment and complete each job with careful attention to detail. Lastly, we focus on putting you back on the road as soon as possible. Our car repair experts in Calgary will provide you with a hassle-free experience and repair your car quickly, without compromising on quality.


If you notice anything amiss with your vehicle, it is best to get help as soon as possible. Not doing so can not only worsen the issue, but it can compromise your safety on the road. For quality car repairs in Calgary, we invite you to schedule an appointment with us. If you'd like to learn more about our services, we invite you to browse our FAQ section.

What We Do

We understand that all car repair requirements are different. For this reason, we provide countless car repair services in Calgary. We can help with:



The parts of your brakes (the disc, drum and rotor) wear down and need repairs many times over the life of your car.


If something punctures your tires, you will want to get them repaired quickly. Tire patches and complete replacements are common fixes for leaking or failing tires.

Fuel System

The fuel system consists of the fuel pump, filters and lines. These can become clogged, so you’ll want to get them flushed and replaced regularly by a professional.

Air Conditioning/Heater

This intricate system should be repaired by a professional so that you can have the climate control you need while driving.

Exhaust and Muffler Repair

The exhaust system is an integral part of your car, so if it stops working, you need repairs immediately.

Clutch Issues

If you have a manual car, you may come across clutch issues such as parts sticking and wearing out. Depending on the problem, these parts may need to be replaced.

Wheel Alignment

Uneven wear on your tires can cause problems with the wheel alignment. If you notice your car pulling to the left or right, you should get your front end checked and realigned.

Each of these issues is fairly common, and most require pretty quick, inexpensive repairs. There are other car repairs that are less common and more expensive:

Timing Belt

The timing belt is part of your engine and needs to be replaced at the manufactures recommended interval. In order to replace this part, your mechanic will essentially have to take apart the front of your engine and put it back together. This is a time consuming and difficult process, which makes this repair costly. On most new engines if the timing belt fails major internal engine damage will likely occur. If this happens, major engine repairs or possible replacement will be required. Needless to say, the timing belt is a vital component in engine operation.

Steering /Suspension

Even everyday driving causes normal wear and tear on steering and suspension parts. This means your vehicle will be more susceptible to bumps and divots on the road. The suspension system is meant to handle the blunt force from sharp turns and cope with everyday wear and tear. As these items wear, they can become a safety concern. To avoid major repair and stay safe, we recommend having the suspension and steering components inspected on a regular basis.

For All Body Repair or Glass Repair, Contact Our Partners:

When it comes to under the hood, there’s not much we can’t fix, but when it comes to body repair, you can go see our friends at Horton Auto Body . Along with auto repair, we also provide glass work for chipped or cracked windshields or windshields that need to be replaced. CalAlta Auto Glass is our exclusive partner for all our auto glass work.


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