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Quality Car Tires in Calgary

Brand-Name All-Season & Winter Tires in Calgary

Tires are perhaps the most used and abused part of your car. They are in constant contact with rough roads, ice, salt and other unfavourable conditions. IThis leads to a lot of wear and tear. If you are looking for quality car tires in Calgary, choose South Pro Automotive Ltd. We have been in the industry for many years fulfilling your auto repair and car tire needs. Our team of professionals is dedicated to keeping your vehicles running safely. We provide top-class and timely car tire repair and replacement services for your automobiles. Check out our website for further details.


What Affects The Life Of Your Car Tire?


While there is no way to tell exactly how long the tires on your car will last, it is important to be aware of the factors that contribute to the lifespan or the mileage of your tires; these include:

Driver habits



Road conditions


Wheel Alignment

Thus, it would not be wrong to say that being careful while driving and taking good care of your automobile are the first steps for making your car tires last long. The harsh conditions of Calgary winters are especially hard on your tires. If you don’t pick the correct design, and if you don’t provide the right amount of care to your tires, they will be worn down before the winter is over. Worn-down tires are dangerous to drive within all conditions, but they become especially dangerous in the winter months. At South Pro Automotive Ltd., we know that getting new car tires in Calgary will protect your car and your loved ones throughout the year. We offer many brand-name all-season and winter tires for all makes and models of cars, so visit us the next time you need a new set of tires!


Tire Repair and Replacement

After you have used your set of car tires for 5 years, you should get them inspected every year to ensure they’re not worn down and that they do not pose any damage to you, to your family, or to anybody else while you ride down the beautiful roads of Calgary.


Other than getting a repair, maintenance, and inspection of your car tires done by us, you can also perform a general tire inspection on your own in order to make sure that your car tires are safe to accompany you on your journey. While inspecting in particular and while driving in general, you should look for:

Bulges, gouges or cracks


Tire pressure, especially in cold weather

Vibration or thumping while driving

If you’ve noticed any of these problems in your car tires, you may need tire repair or replacement. Even if your car tires look okay to you, tires that are 10 years or older need to be replaced in order to ensure maximum comfort and minimum trouble while driving. It’s best to replace all 4 of your car tires at once so that you don’t have to keep track of old versus new tires when you rotate them; plus, they’ll offer better performance and traction, which ultimately leads to a safer ride.



We offer many great brands of car tires so that your car has exactly what it needs. Each company manufactures quality tires for different purposes. Whether you want tires that can withstand off-roading or you simply need a set that will drive well on icy winter roads or on any other driving area in Calgary, South Pro Automotive Ltd. has the brands to fulfill these needs. Some of our brands include:

Choosing the right type of car tire for your car may seem difficult. Before choosing tires, it is important to decide what size you want, how much tread you need, and the type of tire you want. The size of your tire can match what you currently have (you will find the size in the sidewall of your tire), or you can change tire size to improve the handling, stability, response or performance of your vehicle.


The tread of your tires is determined by the weather conditions near you. Living in Calgary, you may have good road conditions, but the winters are harsh, so you’ll need to consider that. Tire manufacturers offer many specialized designs of tires for everything from cars to light trucks to SUVs. There are many options, including long-wearing, easy-riding and high-performance tires to choose from. The team at South Pro Automotive Ltd. will go over these factors with you and help you choose the best and most cost-effective set of tires for your needs.

Reliable Car Tires in Calgary

Getting new car tires is an important part of maintaining your vehicle. Without the proper tread or size of the tire, different parts of your vehicle can be affected. To improve the lifespan of your car, get new car tires in Calgary at South Pro Automotive Ltd. Set up an appointment today to get new all-season or winter tires to meet your needs.



Tips for a Healthy Set of Tires

Your tires are your vehicle's only point of contact with the road; they must always be in good working order to ensure your safety. To avoid problems, follow these important care guidelines:


Inspect your tires: It's possible that you'll miss a damaged tire if you don't inspect them. In order to avoid problems, inspect your tires for wear and damage on a regular basis. At least once a year, have your tires evaluated by a professional.


Check the air pressure: Driving with poor tire pressures can affect vehicle control and braking, particularly in wet conditions, putting your lives at risk. Check the pressure in your tires at least once a month and before any long trips.


Follow the load capacity: Do not exceed the load capacity as compared to the tire's load index. Tires loaded above their maximum load capacity can generate excessive heat, resulting in tire breakdown.


Use spare tires: If a tire or wheel appears to be damaged, replace it with a spare and get your tire examined by a specialist. Having a spare tire decreases the danger of damaging the original tire.


Have questions? Feel free to browse the frequently asked questions that we’ve tried to answer for your convenience.


Take a look at what our customers think about our services:

Perfect Job for a Fair Price

“After contacting a bunch of shops yesterday to get a rush wheel alignment, I called Shaun at South Pro Auto and he told me to come right down. When I got there they were great guys and very accommodating. The car was not easy to work on being a 53-year-old classic but they did a perfect job for a fair price and got me right back on the road. Take your car here if you want great customer service and good work from honest people.”
- Mark M.

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