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Oil Change


Cars need tune-ups and repairs on a regular basis due to everyday wear and tear. To maintain the quality of your vehicle and extend its lifespan, you need to get regular oil changes for your car. Changing the oil at the right time is one of the best things you can do for the life of your car’s engine.


If you don’t change the oil often enough, harmful dirt, particles and acids build up and degrade key engine parts. Sludge will also build up and lessen the oil’s ability to disperse heat, which increases stress on the engine. If you need a quick and thorough car oil change in Calgary, Alberta, then come to South Pro Automotive Ltd. We offer quick and thorough oil changes at great prices. Whether you need full synthetic oil or a synthetic blend, we can get the job done.



You should get your oil changed at least twice a year, or every 5,000 to 7,500 km. There are many reasons to get your oil changed this often, including:

Keeping your engine running smooth

Reducing wear and tear on the engine

Providing cleaner emissions

Extending the life of your engine

When you properly maintain your car, you can add years to the life of the vehicle. This maintenance needs to include oil changes otherwise your engine will wear down from the contaminants in the oil and you’ll either need extremely expensive engine repairs or a new car altogether. With a regular oil change in Calgary, Alberta you’ll keep your engine humming because all of the moving parts in the engine will run smoothly with little friction. Non-contaminated oil also cools your engine down, which will protect the parts from getting too hot and causing damage.


If your car is filled with contaminated, sludgy oil, it will decrease your vehicle’s performance which includes fuel economy and horsepower. Fresh oil with the right viscosity will move quickly through your engine, lubing up the right parts and keeping your engine running smoothly. It can also cool your engine and keep it at peak performance.

When old oil thickens and turns into sludge, it can block the pathways of oil flow which will limit the oil’s ability to go where it needs to. This means that certain parts of your engine won’t get the lubrication they need to perform efficiently, and this makes the engine work harder. The sludge will also insulate hot parts of the engine, allowing them to remain hot. Old oil will reduce your engine’s performance, lower the horsepower, and eventually shorten its life.

A properly oiled engine is critical to maintaining the performance of your vehicle. We perform a full maintenance check along with your oil change to ensure that your car runs at its best.


There are plenty of excellent oil choices available in the market. Synthetics and Synthetic Blends are excellent options. Oils intended for vehicles with more than 120,000 kilometres on the clock can help avoid oil leaks and burn-off. The type of oil you should use for your car will be specified by the manufacturer. This oil complies with industrial standards in most cases. Some cars may necessitate the use of entirely synthetic or synthetic blend engine oils, while others may necessitate the use of specific engine oils. Our professionals will showcase the options available for your vehicle.

It's a good idea to check your oil level on a regular basis. The oil must be warm at normal operating temperature, and the vehicle must be on level ground in order to acquire an accurate reading. Always refer to your owner's manual for instructions on how to check your oil level.


When you get an oil change at South Pro Automotive, you’re getting more than just draining and filling engine oil. We inspect your vehicle for other problems, check the oil level to make sure it wasn’t too low, and more. Visit us today for a quick and thorough oil change that will keep your engine running smoothly and help maintain all the moving parts.


We understand that your vehicle is a vital component of your daily life, and we take pride in getting you back on the road quickly with expert repairs and maintenance. Here is what our customers have to say about our services:

Highly Recommended and Extremely Reliable

“My wife and I have been coming here for over a decade now for everything from oil changes, car inspections, winter tires - you name it if it involves our cars we get it done here. I have recommended South Pro for many many years, and not a single person I have ever sent here has come back with a negative experience. They have worked on everything from our original 1993 Corolla with 350K+ to our 2008 VW Rabbit and now our 2010 Outback. Never a concern or worry when we drop keys off, be it with originally Tom or now with either of his son's Ryan and Shaun.”

- Jason F.

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