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4 Pro Tips for Your Car Maintenance During Winter

mechanic inspecting a car battery during car maintenance

Winter is a dangerous time for drivers, and the way to make it more difficult is to skip car maintenance. Many car owners find themselves without a vehicle in the depths of winter thanks to one kind of neglect or another. Looking after your car is the best way to ensure it's there when you need it and to protect your family's safety in the winter months. Here are four pro tips for your car maintenance during winter.

1. Keep Your Battery Juiced Up Cold weather is a real drain on your car battery. The lowered ambient temperature slows the chemical reactions that take place in your battery, reducing its overall efficiency. Once those reactions drop below a certain point, your battery might refuse to stir at all. Running your engine often will help keep the battery from dropping below that threshold. The vehicle's alternator charges the batteries, so running your engine for just a little each day will help keep your battery topped off in most cases. 2. Prep Your Emergency Kit Winter's harsh conditions bring surprises with them. Even if you've done everything right to keep your car maintained, there's no telling what winter will throw at you when you're on the road. That's why it's essential to keep an emergency kit in your car and inspect it occasionally to make sure everything is present and correct. Your kit should include essential repair tools like jumper cables, a jack, hand tools, and protective equipment. Alongside essential repair tools, you should also prep other emergency supplies. High-vis equipment, warm blankets, and even food supplies will be necessary if the unexpected happens. 3. Switch Out Your Tires Unsurprisingly, your tires take a lot of abuse in winter weather, and your summer tires may not be fit for winter roads. As a maintenance and safety measure, consider swapping out your tires for appropriate winter alternatives. This is particularly true if you live in an area with a lot of ice or snow—having the right tires here could be a life or death matter. Having the right tires isn't enough, however. You'll also have to ensure they're kept inflated. Changes in the temperature and outside air pressure will affect your tires, so check them regularly to ensure they're in good shape. 4. Look After Your Wipers Your wipers are an essential tool in winter conditions, so treat them accordingly. That means replacing any worn wiper blades and ensuring you're topped up with wiper fluid that can withstand low temperatures. If you need an incentive to keep your wipers in good condition, remember this: a clear windscreen could be the difference between a safe journey and a dangerous accident. Car Maintenance for Winter These simple tips for car maintenance in winter will keep your vehicle in good condition even when the harsh weather rolls in. Are you looking for winter car maintenance? Contact South Pro Automotive to schedule your maintenance today.



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