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4 Sure Warning Signs It's Time to Replace Your Muffler And Exhaust

car exhaust system

Your vehicle's exhaust system is entirely dependent on the muffler. It satisfies two primary purposes: to lessen and redirect exhaust system noise and to help filter exhaust gases from the engine. The role of your muffler is just as crucial as the emission control that takes place in the catalytic converters. The entire exhaust system can be disrupted by problems with your muffler, which is why it's vital to schedule auto repair in Calgary if you suspect something is wrong. Mufflers last approximately five to seven years. Premature ageing can be caused by several factors, including exposure to salt on roads and speed bumps, which lead to the need to replace your muffler. Regardless of the origin, qualified professionals can quickly identify muffler problems. If you suspect your car has an issue with its exhaust system, use the guide below to determine if a muffler and exhaust system repair or replacement is necessary.

1. There's A Lot of Noise How do you know if you need to replace your exhaust or muffler? If you hear a loud clanging sound as you rev the engine, it could indicate an issue in your exhaust system. This type of noise usually occurs at low speeds but increases as speed rises. You'll also notice loud noises while accelerating out of traffic lights or merging onto highways. The reason why these noises occur is because of loose parts inside your exhaust pipe. These include bolts, nuts, washers, gaskets, hoses, and other metal pieces. 2. You Smell Fumes If you notice smoke or other odours emanating from under your hood, this could indicate something wrong with your exhaust system. This includes carbon buildup on catalytic converters, clogged pipes, cracked hoses, or even faulty tailpipes. These problems will cause more harmful gas emissions to escape into the atmosphere, creating a foul odour. 3. Lower-Than-Normal MPG When you drive around town, do you feel you're getting fewer miles per gallon on average? This could indicate that something isn't working correctly within your exhaust system. When looking at your gas gauge, make sure to check both the tank and fuel pump. These two parts work together to keep your tank filled with gas. If either part seems low, then it could be causing problems with your gas mileage. 4. Poor Muffler Condition You should also check out the physical condition of your muffler. If you have concerns with your muffler we will gladly inspect it! It is a good idea to get the muffler replaced if it has holes or rust. External Rust If rust forms outside the muffler, this could indicate an issue with the muffler itself. This may mean that water has seeped into the muffler causing corrosion. In addition, if the muffler becomes damaged due to road hazards, then it might not perform its intended purpose. Internal Cracks and Holes Cracks within the muffler can lead to leaks. Leaks allow air to enter the muffler, making it harder for the gases to exit. Rust can form within the muffler itself if not properly maintained. This type of rust occurs because the metal has been weakened by heat and moisture. When this happens, the muffler may leak fluid into the passenger compartment. Book Trustworthy Auto Repair in Calgary If you notice any of these signs, get your car checked by an expert mechanic as soon as possible. It might be time for a muffler and exhaust replacement. So make sure to take care of your muffler before it becomes a more significant problem by booking an appointment for reliable auto repair in Calgary.


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