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5 Signs Your Car Needs a Muffler Repair

Close up photo of a muffler

Is your vehicle in need of muffler repair? If you don't know the answer to this question, you might have some unsettling news on the way. Mufflers aren't just required by Canada's noise regulations - they're also essential to your car running properly and reducing its emissions. And, driving with damage to yours could result in costly fines or tickets, sap your engine's power, and lead to unnecessary air pollution. Read on for five important signs that it's time to let a professional mechanic take a look at your muffler.

1. Loud and Sudden Sounds While unexpected loud noises are often a sign that your vehicle's muffler is in need of repair, they can also indicate more serious issues in your vehicle's exhaust system. For example, a loose exhaust manifold. Because the muffler is primarily responsible for quieting your car, a sudden change in sounds most likely means that a repair is needed. 2. Backfiring or Misfiring Have you heard a loud bang or pop coming from your car's engine? Damage to your muffler or exhaust can cause engine misfires and make your vehicle run rough. This is a symptom that should never be ignored, potentially indicating major issues ranging from faulty sensors to bad spark plugs. Take your vehicle to a trusted muffler repair shop as quickly as possible! 3. Fumes and Odors Muffler damage can lead to gas and other fumes leaking into your car's cabin. Some of these substances, like carbon monoxide, can be potentially dangerous. If you smell fumes, open your windows immediately and drive to a close car repair shop. For this type of major repair, don't just trust any old mechanic that you find by Googling "muffler repair near me" - you need the help of industry experts like South Pro Automotive Ltd. 4. Shaking and Rattling Loose mufflers and exhaust brackets can be noisy and unsettling, but both are relatively small and simple car repairs. In fact, something simple like tightening a screw might be all that you need if you hear a strange rattling sound coming from underneath your car. However, leaving this minor issue for too long can up your muffler repair cost. If any parts become completely detached, you might be in for major repairs! Muffler Repair Made Easy If any of these four signs sound familiar, you're most likely in need of muffler repair. And it's essential to act quickly. After all, these issues won't go away on their own - and the longer you drive with a damaged muffler, the higher your chances of getting pulled over. Contact South Pro Automotive Ltd. or call 403-258-1693 to schedule your muffler and exhaust repair services. Our highly experienced team has been serving Southwestern Calgary's auto repair needs since 1983 and maintains an A + Rating with the Better Business Bureau. You need trusted professionals to keep your vehicles running safely, so come to the mechanics who always give you superior customer service and promise both a clean garage and friendly staff!



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