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5 Tire Maintenance Tips That Might Surprise You

Flat car tire on a road

When it comes to looking after your car, there is nothing more essential than safety. One of the things that have the most significant impact on this is your car’s tires. Tire maintenance is not only essential for safety; it’s also necessary for lowering your fuel consumption and for reducing your environmental impact. Around 30% of Canadian car accidents occur every year because on snowy or icy roads, having the correct tires is vital. So, what can you do to prevent yourself from joining this statistic? Don’t wait for your tire maintenance light to come on; carry out these simple tire maintenance tips now to ensure you remain safe.

Check Your Tire Pressure Frequently One of the biggest problems people face when it comes to tires is low pressure. If your tire pressure is too low, then you’ll be putting yourself at risk. This is because your vehicle will lose its grip on wet surfaces if it has insufficient pressure. Check your tire pressure every month and whenever you go on a long car journey. 2. Rotate Your Tires Often You’ll find that certain wheels will see more wear than others. For this reason, you should rotate your tires so that they can wear down more evenly. Whether you’re driving a car, carrying out truck tire maintenance, or even performing road bike tire maintenance, you should still rotate your tires. This should be done every six months or between every 10,000 and 12,000 km. 3. Check Tire Tread Depth Regularly Tread depth is essential as this relates to how well your tires will grip the road. Without the proper tread depth, your vehicle could be dangerous to drive. An excellent way to check the tread depth of your tires is using a quarter. Please put it in the groove of the tired upside down. If you’re able to see above the queen’s head -- then you need to start looking for a new tire. 4. Get Your Wheels Aligned If your wheels are not correctly aligned, then your tire will wear down quicker and in an irregular fashion. The alignment of your car tires can get knocked out of balance by hitting bumps in the road. This, in turn, will change the angle of your tires. One way to check your alignment is to drive on a perfectly straight road. Have your steering wheelset straight ahead and loosen your grip, if the car starts to veer to one side, then the alignment is off. 5. Change Your Tires According to the Season Finally, different seasons put different demands on your tires. Have two sets of tires, one for spring and summer and one for autumn and winter. Using summer tires in the winter can cause them to wear out quicker, and using winter tires in the summer will have the same effect. Tire Maintenance Near Me If you’re looking for tire maintenance near you, look no further than South Pro Auto. We’ll take care of all of your tire maintenance needs, from replacing tires to aligning your wheels. Get in touch today to book in your car.



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