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All-season Tires Vs All-weather Tires



Tires are one of the most used parts of your car as they are in constant contact with tough roads, ice and other unfavourable conditions. It can be quite stressful and unsafe if your tire bursts while commuting. It not only leads to a waste of time but can also cause dangerous accidents. This makes it crucial to choose the right type of tire for your car, whether it’s all-season tires or all-weather tires. South Pro Automotive Ltd. can help you with that. We have been offering quality auto maintenance and repair services since 1983. Choose us if you are looking for reliable car tires in Calgary.

What Are All-season Tires? All-season tires are designed for almost all kinds of weather conditions. Their tread configurations, internal design and rubber compounds can handle light snow, rain and cold or hot weather. They help reduce tread wear in both dry and wet conditions. They also have a lower rolling resistance, which helps improve your gas mileage. All-season tires are made from intermediate rubber compounds that offer sufficient grip. They also have a unique tread pattern with grooves and hundreds of tiny, relatively shallow slits that offer interlocking grip for icy conditions. In Canada, all-season tires perform at their best from the months of April to September when the average temperature hits seven degrees Celsius. This is because rubber compounds harden at that temperature, reducing braking ability and traction. What Are All-weather Tires? Used throughout the year, all-weather tires are great for driving in the mild winter climate. Despite their advantages, these tires aren't suitable for considerably cold temperatures. Although not a great fit for all vehicles, all-weather tires are a good option if you use your vehicle occasionally or if you stay home in extreme winters. This is because the treads of all-weather tires are not quite deep; this reduces the tire’s stopping power and traction on icy roads. Planning to Buy Tires for Your Vehicle South Pro Automotive Ltd. is a family-owned and -operated shop, providing auto maintenance and repair services in Calgary. We offer all-season and winter tires from various brands. Our technicians can also advise you on when to replace tires. Call us the next time you require a set of tires.


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