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Is Your Car Ready for Calgary's Winter?



Preparing your car for winter so it won’t need costly repairs is particularly important in Calgary. When you’re thinking about getting to work in the morning, you don’t want to worry about your car’s performance as well. Here are six things to add to your car winterization checklist so you can meet the winter months with confidence!


1. Check your battery Car batteries generate power through chemical reactions. In the winter, your engine needs more power to get going, but chemical reactions slow down in the cold. To be sure you’ll get the power you need despite the cold, keep your battery in proper working order. 2. Inspect your wipers In a Calgary snowstorm, road visibility can be a matter of life and death. If your windshield wipers are leaving streaks on or not making contact with the windshield, they might need to be cleaned or replaced. Wiper damage can happen slowly over a period of time, so you may not have noticed the loss of performance at all. 3. Check your fluids Modern cars tend to have about seven fluids in them that are essential to their safe operation. These fluids get used up over time so they should be checked regularly. Particularly important in the winter are the oil that lubricates the moving parts of your car to decrease damaging friction, the wiper fluid that helps keep your windshield clear, and the coolant that ensures your liquids won’t freeze at low temperatures. Be sure your liquids are replaced as needed and kept at the correct levels. 4. Change to Winter Tires Not all tires are made the same. Though they may all look similar, winter tires are designed to deal with snow and ice. Changing your tires in the winter and summer will ensure that you have the best tools for the job in every season. 5. Assemble emergency supplies With even the best maintenance on your vehicle, problems still occasionally happen. To be prepared even in a worst-case scenario, be sure to keep blankets, emergency medical supplies, water, booster cables, and a fire extinguisher in your car at all times. 6. Schedule an Inspection There’s a lot you can do to avoid the need for costly auto repairs in the middle of a Calgary winter. There’s no substitute, however, for a thorough inspection. Even if you don’t notice anything wrong, you should get your car regularly serviced by a trained professional. South Pro Automotive Ltd. has offered a wide range of car services in Calgary for all makes and models since 1983. Contact us today for information or to schedule maintenance that comes with our commitment to excellence and honesty.

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Getting your car ready for winter is important to avoid expensive repairs and ensure it runs well. RV Glass Repair Phoenix provides complete car services, such as checking batteries, inspecting wipers, topping up fluids, changing to winter tires, assembling emergency kits, and conducting professional inspections. Count on us to keep your vehicle safe and reliable during winter.

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