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Keep Your Car on the Road with Regular Maintenance



Buying a car is a major and costly purchase. It’s important to take care of your car to protect your investment and avoid expensive car repairs. Preventive maintenance ensures that you’ll always get where you’re going, whether it’s just around the corner or somewhere outside of Calgary altogether.

Why Regular Maintenance Is Important for Your Car Preventive car maintenance has many benefits, including the following:

  • It helps keep you safe

  • Your car lasts longer

  • You avoid costly repairs

  • It increases fuel economy

  • It guarantees a better resale value

Preventive Maintenance Every Car Needs Every car is different, but here are some basic tasks all car owners should perform.

  • Check and change the oil - Keeping your car’s engine lubricated is essential to its overall performance. Change the oil regularly using the type recommended by the manufacturer.

  • Check your fluids - You don’t have to learn to change your coolant, power steering or transmission fluids. However, you should know how to determine if their levels are low and when to get a professional to do the job.

  • Change air and fuel filters - Your oil filter probably gets replaced when you get your oil changed, but what about your engine air, cabin air and fuel filters? These other filters also need to be replaced regularly.

  • Balance and rotate tires - Rotating your tires regularly will make them last longer and make them safer to use. Have your alignment checked at the same time to ensure your handling stays in top shape.

  • Replace the spark plugs - For some people, this is an easy job to do at home, but if you lack the proper tools or your vehicle’s layout makes it hard to swap the spark plugs, bring it to a garage. Today’s vehicles use many different types of spark plugs. They range in quality from copper to ruthenium. The lifespan of a spark plug can range from 30,000 km to 192,000 km! Conatct us today for more information.

  • Replace your windshield wipers - Broken wipers can scratch your windshield. Swap them for new ones if your windshield is constantly streaky or the rubber is breaking.

  • Clean it - The salt used on icy and snowy roads can lead to rust and corrosion. Even if you don’t care how it looks, treat your car to a wash a few times a year to keep the body in good shape.

Every car is different, so check your owner’s manual to know exactly how often you should be performing these maintenance tasks. Car Maintenance and Repairs in Calgary To avoid expensive car repairs, visit South Pro Automotive Ltd. for routine car maintenance. Additionally, if your car requires repairs, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today to make an appointment or get a free estimate.



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