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Preventive Maintenance for Your Vehicle


If you want to ensure the long life of your vehicle, you need to follow a proper vehicle maintenance regime to avoid any minor or major issues. As they say, prevention is better than cure; by taking preventative measures, you can save a lot of dollars. At South Pro Automotive Ltd, we offer an array of car services to warrant the smooth functioning of your vehicle. Our services include car repairs, exhaust repairs, oil changes, tires and wheel alignment.

Five Measures You Need to Take for Maintenance 1. Get your air filter checked The function of an air filter is to restrict dirt and other particles from entering the vehicle. The engine in your vehicle needs air during combustion and a clogged filter affects its performance. Make sure to get the filters changed yearly and take your vehicle to the garage quarterly to guarantee its proper functioning. 2. Make sure the battery is functional The leading causes of battery failure are extremely high, extremely low temperatures and not driving the vehicle often enough to maintain the charge. To avoid such unforeseen circumstances, check your vehicle’s battery regularly. You need to check the cables in the battery for buildup or leakage. Keep the battery clean by brushing it and use dielectric grease to prevent corrosion. 3. Check the spark plugs Spark plugs can last anywhere from 40,000KM to 190,000KM depending of the spark plug. We recommend contacting us for the recommend service interval and approximate cost to have them replaced. 4. Keep windshield and wipers clean It is important to have a clear view while driving. A dirty windshield can cause a lot of problems with vision; therefore, you need to clean them regularly to avoid accidents. During the rainy season, check the wipers and replace them if required. If your wipers are damaged, they might cause scratches on the windshield, further obstructing the view. Therefore, it is crucial that you keep both in check. 5. Get the brakes checked Regular inspection and maintenance of your brakes is very important for everyone’s safety. We can gladly inspect your brakes and provide an honest opinion and estimate if they require any maintenance or replacement of parts. Contact South Pro Automotive Ltd. for vehicle maintenance today!


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