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Tips to Improve Your Car’s Mileage


Your car is one of the most important investments and routine maintenance will help prevent accidental breakdown and improve safety. Regular car maintenance also helps extend the life of your vehicle and reduces the wear and tear of the engine. You can prevent costly repairs of your transmission system or your exhaust with scheduled maintenance. Count on South Pro Automotive Ltd for reliable auto repair in Calgary. We have been providing vehicle owners with auto maintenance and repairs since 1983. We also offer a comprehensive array of car services, including muffler and exhaust repair, wheel alignment and oil change.

Have a look at few tips to help improve your car’s mileage: 1. Reduce Extra Weight Extra weight in your car increases fuel consumption and also makes the engine work harder to move the car forward. The extra strain on your vehicle reduces your car's performance and mileage. Avoid storing unnecessary items or tools in your trunk that can increase the vehicle weight and reduce the grip of front wheels. 2. Check Tire Pressure Tires are in constant contact with unfavourable conditions, such as rough roads and climate. General tire inspection will help you resolve any serious issues that can affect your car's mileage. Always ensure your tires are inflated to the proper pressure as per the owner's manual. Under-inflated tires will lead to more fuel consumption and reduce your car's mileage. They also affect the car's braking system. If you are using the same tires for the last five years, inspect the tires thoroughly to ensure they are not worn down. For tires older than ten years, it's better to replace them for better performance and traction. 3. Oil Change Contaminated motor oil affects the performance of your vehicle. Old oil usually thickens and blocks the oil flow leading to a lack of lubrication in certain parts of your vehicle. The engine needs to work harder in order to perform efficiently. Proper car maintenance with a regular oil change at least twice a year will ensure your car is working fine. Always use the recommended motor oil for your vehicle. Wrong motor oil can cause additional friction and make your engine work harder. 4. Maintain Moderate Speed Unnecessary speeding can affect your fuel efficiency, which in turn reduces the mileage. Maintain a steady pace and avoid unnecessary braking. Frequent accelerations and braking reduces your car's mileage and also affects fuel consumption. 5. Avoid Idling Turn the engine off if you are stopping for more than 60 seconds. Idling will consume more fuel than restarting it. 6. Use Less Air Conditioning You can reduce the strain on your engine by using limited AC. Keeping windows up won't affect your car's mileage, whereas air conditioning can increase fuel consumption by at least 20 percent. 7. Check Fuel Cap Seal for Leakage Occasionally check the fuel cap for any damages. Over time, the seal can break down, causing air to enter into the fuel tank, which ends up burning more fuel in the process. Replace your fuel cap every few years to maintain the seal. Regular maintenance helps keep your vehicle and you safe. If you are unsure about the ins and outs of your car, check for some signs that indicate that your car needs repair. Signs such as squeaking noises, oil spots under your car or smoke coming out of your exhaust might indicate that something is wrong with your vehicle. If you are looking for car maintenance in Calgary, get in touch with South Pro Automotive Ltd. We specialize in car repairs and thoroughly inspect your car to check the brakes, tires, wheel alignment and air conditioning system to determine the damage. Contact us today for reliable car repair and maintenance services.


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