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What Happens if You Wait Too Long for Your Car Oil Change?

Male hand executing a car oil change

According to this study, 16,000 new cars were sold in Alberta in August alone. We know how satisfying it feels to breathe in the new car smell for the first time. It's our goal at South Pro Automotive to help you keep that new car feel (and smell) around for as long as possible. We've been in the business for 38 years and know a thing or two about maintenance. Getting a car oil change is one of the best ways to extend the life of your car. Skipping these changes can be lethal, much like how an untreated illness can infect every part of your body. Let's dive into this further and discuss just how important an oil change service really is.

Car Oil Cleans Out the Gunk If your body gets infected, your doctor might prescribe a mixture of water and healthy fluids to get you feeling better and keep you healthy. Your car needs healthy fluids, too; this is where oil comes in. Synthetic motor oil contains different detergents and lubricants. Your car needs these lubricants in order to run smoothly without the metal components scraping against each other. Oil also keeps your engine cool. Old, rotten oil eventually stops lubricating anything and loses its ability to keep the engine at a safe temperature. A hot engine goes hand in hand with a headache. Skipping Oil Changes Can Cost One of the most compelling reasons to keep up with your oil changes is that your wallet will thank you. Remember that gunk we just discussed? If left untreated, the damage to your engine can be catastrophic and cost you thousands. Skipping your oil change impacts every other part of your car, too. If you're one of those new car owners we mentioned earlier, you probably have a vehicle warranty. If you don't get oil changes on or before the recommended date, you may violate the terms of your warranty, rendering it void. Not to mention, car problems can hit at any moment. The last thing you want is to be driving down the highway and stall, endangering yourself and other drivers. You'll want to get your engine checked out as soon as you suspect something isn't right. Get a Full Service Soon Bring your vehicle into South Pro Automotive, and we'll complete a thorough check of every single engine part. One of our experienced mechanics will offer their recommendations, and we can provide minor to major engine repairs in-house! For a full list of our services, click here. Book Your Car Oil Change in Calgary There's only so much we can do on our end about keeping up your new car smell (don't leave your sweaty gym shoes inside). Luckily, you can trust almost everything else to us here at South Pro Automotive Ltd.


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