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Why Proper Alignment Is Important for Your Car



It doesn’t take much to nudge your car out of alignment. Hitting a pothole, getting in a traffic accident, and normal wear and tear are all enough to take a toll on your vehicle’s suspension and steering components. Unfortunately, a car that’s out alignment increases the risk for tire damage and accidents when you’re on the road.

What Is a Wheel Alignment? Despite the name, alignment has more to do with the suspension and steering systems than the wheels themselves. A wheel alignment will keep all four wheels in a straight line when your steering wheel is straight. The suspension also gives the wheels and tires the ability to absorb impacts and bumps from the road, making your ride more comfortable. Simply put, when your car’s aligned to the manufacturer’s specifications, it’s able to maintain direction while you drive and effortlessly respond to your steering. Why Is Alignment Important? If your car is out of alignment, it will suffer a number of problems. Most importantly, handling capabilities will diminish. It won’t turn as easily, and the steering wheel won’t return to centre as it should. You may also struggle to keep your car driving in a straight line, as it may drift to one side or the other. Your tires are greatly affected by your car’s alignment. Most significantly, they’ll wear unevenly (causing you to replace them sooner than you should) if they’re out of alignment. There’s also an increased chance of tire blowouts. How to Tell If Your Car Is out of Alignment If you notice any of these problems, your car may need to be realigned.

  • The steering wheel is off centre

  • The car pulls to one direction or the other

  • The tread on your tires is unevenly or prematurely worn

  • The steering wheel doesn’t return to centre after turning

What to Do If My Car Needs an Alignment? Wheel alignment isn’t something you can do at home. Proper alignment requires specialized equipment to be able to meet the manufacturer's specifications. At South Pro Automotive Ltd. in Calgary, we use the newest Hunter Hawkeye Alignment machine to ensure accuracy in your wheel alignment. Automotive Services in Calgary Wheel alignment is just one of the many services we offer in our Calgary auto shop. We’re committed to keeping your cars running in top condition. Call us today to find out more about our many services.



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