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Why Winterizing Your Vehicle Is Important



Preparing for the freezing winter months, you may check the insulation of your home, stock firewood and upgrade your heating systems. During this, you must remember that in the case of storms or snow, your personal vehicle may be the only means of travel at times. It is critical that you get vehicle winterization done to stay safe and tension free in winter. South Pro Automotive Ltd. has over 75 years of experience in Calgary in the auto repair industry, making us the right people for the job.

Importance of Vehicle Winterizing By taking certain precautions, you will ensure that your car is in top shape throughout winters so that you can rely on it when you need it. Here are a few reasons why vehicle winterizing is so crucial:

  • Oil Loses Viscosity – Oil change is essential for the oil in your vehicle to be clean and to be of the right viscosity. When it loses viscosity and thickens in low temperatures, it does not lubricate the engine adequately. Slipping of transmission gears and overheating of the vehicle are common concerns. Get a thorough oil change in Calgary.

  • Low Visibility – You may not be able to see what’s in front of your vehicle in heavy rains or snow, which makes it very important to get your windshield wipers checked. We can gladly install winter blades that are strong and can push away ice and snow.

  • Low Battery – With a low battery, you will be unable to start your car. An old battery has the most chances of becoming dead in the cold. Getting them inspected before winter sets in is a smart way to avoid unfortunate situations later on.

  • Cracked Belts and Hoses – Cracks can occur in belts and hoses as they get old or during winters. It can cause a loss of engine power and fluid levels. It is smart to get them checked and replaced if required.

  • Inflated Tires – When temperature drops by 10 degrees Fahrenheit, tire pressure goes down by one pound per square inch. Tires don’t have much traction when not properly inflated. Driving with a deflated tire can cause accidents and also reduces its overall life span. Check out our blog on how to do a tire safety inspection to be ready and aware. Find reliable tires at South Pro Automotive Ltd. that are of a high-quality to ensure your safety on the road.

  • Freezing Vehicle Fluids – Antifreeze prevents the fluids in your car from freezing. Freezing causes the liquid to expand that can rupture numerous hoses, Radiators, Heater Cords or possibly your engine block. Frequent Accidents – Slippery roads and poor visibility increase the chances of accidents or you may get stuck in snow-covered roads with a failed car. It is better to be prepared for such unforeseen situations by keeping a safety kit with common tools and supplies in your car. You can put together:

    • A pack of matches

    • A first aid kit

    • Flares

    • A flashlight and batteries

    • An ice scraper

    • Packed food items which won't spoil like biscuits

    • A bag of sand and shovel

    • Extra antifreeze

    • A car tool kit

  • Slippery Roads – Drive slowly on ice-covered roads to avoid chances of skidding. Some trucks and SUVs offer 4WD systems, allowing a vehicle to provide torque to all its wheels simultaneously. This helps in driving high-speed on a low traction road or to get your car out of deep snow.

  • Failed Defrost and Heating – You will definitely want these to be properly functioning in winters. Make sure your defrost is not based on the in-window wire unit instead of the heater, or it will only function after windows are sufficiently fogged up.

  • Half-Filled Gas Tank – You may miss that that the fuel is not up to the mark after days of driving in summer and spring. Always check your fuel tank before winter sets in to avoid being potentially stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Hope you and your car stay safe in winter with these tips. Get in touch with us to learn about our services or to schedule maintenance or repair.


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